That was the week that was…

A commentary on stories in the news over the last week bearing on urbanism and it’s discontents

That was the week that was…

Is a drug death memorial a suspect idea?

A proposed public memorial to those who died from a drug overdose wouldn’t do any harm but smacks of creating an edgy amenity for inner city residents

Is a drug death memorial a suspect idea?

Will Melbourne run dry in a decade?

The mainstream media likes to frame news to convey a sense of impending disaster – like Melbourne’s running out of water – but in this case it’s out of its depth

Will Melbourne run dry in a decade?

Is popular support for city growth disappearing?

No matter what experts think, slowing population growth – and hence immigration – seems to be a very powerful political idea winning support across the demographic board

Is popular support for city growth disappearing?

Is Melbourne Metro being built too fast?

The Sunday Age reckons the Andrews Government has cynically chosen to use an inferior tunnelling method so it can get the Melbourne Metro rail project finished faster

Is Melbourne Metro being built too fast?

Should corridors be protected for HSR?

Infrastructure Australia reckons protecting corridors for East Coast High Speed Rail would save billions, but the case hasn’t been made that the project makes sense

Should corridors be protected for HSR?

Are outer growth suburbs dystopian?

The media loves to portray fringe growth suburbs as hell on earth and suggest they should be done away with. But they’re neither optional nor dystopian

Are outer growth suburbs dystopian?

Is faux heritage the future?

Melbourne City Council requires the facade of this old pub to be retained when redeveloped even though the building has no demonstrated heritage value

Is faux heritage the future?

Is immigration ruining our cities?

The Age ran a set of stories on the weekend geared around the idea that immigration-fuelled population growth is seriously damaging Melbourne’s “celebrated liveability”

Is immigration ruining our cities?