Is this underpass plan under-developed?

The promise by the Opposition in Victoria to grade-separate 55 congested intersections is likely to be politically appealing, but the case hasn’t been made it’s a sensible policy

Is this underpass plan under-developed?

Weekend reading

Weekend reading

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Should we demand more of heavy vehicle drivers?

It’s time to consider if heavy vehicle driver licensing should require that applicants understand the risks they pose for others and are committed to protecting their welfare

Should we demand more of heavy vehicle drivers?

That was The week That was…

Tw3 provides a brief commentary on stories bearing on the delights and discontents of urbanism in the news over the week ending 12 November 2017

That was The week That was…

Tw3 12 Nov

Weekend reading 11/12 November

Weekend reading 11/12 November

Is the popularity of cycling on the wane?

One interpretation of a recent survey of cycling is that riding is losing popularity in cities. Maybe, or perhaps the numbers fluctuate between surveys in ways that aren’t a big worry

Is the popularity of cycling on the wane?

That was The week That was…

In this week’s Tw3 The Urbanist comments on:

  • Are “three Sydneys” better than one?
  • Is Sydney really full? The politics of urban density
  • Queensland election: does the Greens pledge of a flat $1 fare make sense?
  • Is high-density living worse for the environment than suburban sprawl?
  • Do vehicles hitting this rail bridge tell us there’s a bigger problem that lasers can’t fix?
  • Is selling public housing land to developers why there’s not enough housing for the poor
  • Why does Amsterdam work so well for bicycles?
  • Is riding a bicycle without a helmet “simply stupid”?
  • Is the Minister right to reject the Heritage Council’s recommendation?
  • Do the kinds of social changes brought on by online dating have wider implications for cities?

That was The week That was… w/e 5 November 2017


Weekend reading 4/5 November

Weekend reading


Are there easy fixes for traffic congestion?

Politicans like to sell new roads and rail lines as the solution to traffic congestion but it’s an illusion. There are no quick or politically easy fixes for peak-hour traffic

Are there easy fixes for traffic congestion?