Is labelling the outer suburbs as ‘job deserts’ helpful?

Fringe suburbs have historically always had fewer jobs than workers. What policy makers should focus on is providing good transport links to the more central parts of the city where most of the employers want to be

Is labelling the outer suburbs as ‘job deserts’ helpful?

Is Paris the right model for the Sydney of 2050?

We can learn lessons from cities like Paris, but we must be wary of the dangers in importing solutions that might work well elsewhere but aren’t matched to local circumstances

Is Paris the right model for the Sydney of 2050?

Should public transport fares be abolished?

It’s a popular idea, but the revenue foregone from abolishing fares in a city like Melbourne would have a bigger impact if it were instead spent on improving public transport to make it more competitive with driving

Should public transport fares be abolished?

Do citizens really like road pricing?

Citizen Juries are generally great PR for agencies and businesses, but as this recent case shows, they’re an artificial environment. The practical conclusions that can be drawn from their deliberations are limited

Do citizens really like road pricing?