That was The week That was…

TW3 is a commentary on stories bearing on the delights and discontents of urbanism that were in the news over the week ending 20 August 2017

That was The week That was…

Is Melbourne’s liveability gong mostly bullshit?

The media and politicians continue to give it credibility but they know the EIU’s ‘world’s most liveable city’ gong has little bearing on the life of residents of Melbourne

Is Melbourne’s liveability gong mostly bullshit?

Can public transport define the 20-minute city?

We make a vanishingly small percentage of short trips by public transport and it’s mostly because we prefer the alternatives for this sort of travel. Transit’s strengths lie elsewhere

Can public transport define the 20-minute city?

Has the case been made for the West Gate Tunnel?

More problems are coming to light with the proposed West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne. The Government needs to do a better job of explaining and justifying this project

Has the case been made for the West Gate Tunnel?

That was the week that was…

A commentary on stories in the news over the week ending 13 August 2017 bearing on urbanism and its discontents

That was the week that was…

Is the 20-minute city mostly spin?

It seems an attractive idea, but the 20-minute city is more about marketing than substantive policy. Of course politicians love it; the rest of us have no excuse for being gullible

Is the 20-minute city mostly spin?

A regional rail fantasy map

Here’s master mapmaker Adam Mattinson’s vision of what a high quality regional rail network could look like in Victoria. Sheer fantasy, you say?

A regional rail fantasy map