Why do (some) motorists think cyclists don’t have a right to the roads?

Very few motorists are actively hostile toward cyclists, but many more don’t see cyclists as legitimate or equal road users. There’s a role for government in helping to change negative attitudes

Why do (some) motorists think cyclists don’t have a right to the roads?

2 Comments on “Why do (some) motorists think cyclists don’t have a right to the roads?”

  1. Horst Kayak says:

    Space to speed is what many vehicle drivers believe they have a Divine right to. Cyclists who travel at slower speeds than motorists need safe separated space. Some of us strongly believe cyclists have the right to a safe space.
    Cyclists also need safe space that allows for travelling at more than walking pace on commuting routes.

  2. roger taylor says:

    Agree entirely. In some countries cycling is the dominant mode of travel because it is the quickest, most convenient and least costly way to travel. It also keeps you fit and for these reasons is recognised as a legitimate mode of travel and is actively promoted by government in the interest of the entire community. I think it is time our government understood this and started promoting it publicly so the entire community understands this and implemented more programs to create an environment that enables this to happen throughout all of Melbourne and Victoria more generally.

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