Who else is Moving Forward?

Photo by Daniel Bowen (Flickr)

Connex wasn’t the only company to use Moving Forward as their logo before it was adopted by the ALP for the 2010 Federal election. A quick search on Google shows that many organisations like to show they’re on the move and, moreover, that when they move, they move forward. Not surprisingly there’re transport companies, but there are also libraries, psychologists, a farmer, singers and more. Here’s just a sample:

Clinical Psychological Services

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Moving Forward Australia

Qld State Archives

State Library of NSW

Pathways to Citizenship

Australian Logistics Council

Dairy Moving Forward Initiative

Mission 242


Christiana Love

2 Comments on “Who else is Moving Forward?”

  1. Benno says:

    If one puts a vehicle into reverse gear and puts their foot down on the accelerator, is one not also moving in a forward direction in one direction of space as well as time?

    Are satellites orbiting the Earth ‘moving forward’ or ‘moving backwards’?

    Q: What did the male homosexual accountant say?

    A: Make no mistake, at the end of the day there is a bottom line moving forward.

  2. Q.Maisie says:

    And I bet each and every one of them saw an advertising firm bank balance move forward!

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