Jewel goes undercover

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One of the most popular recent articles on The Melbourne Urbanist was one on happiness (What makes you happy?) that I put up back at the start of the month.

It was based on a research paper which looked at which events have the highest positive effect on happiness.

This video is more practical – it shows what unalloyed delight and elation look like. It covers the singer Jewel singing her own songs incognito at a karaoke bar.

The excitement of the patrons when they hear how good this apparently ordinary woman is at singing Jewel’s songs is a joy to behold.

2 Comments on “Jewel goes undercover”

  1. Sid Burgess says:

    I loved it. I grew up in Alaska and of course, being about the same age as her, I like every other friend of mine, was in love with her.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. TomD says:

    A fantastic video Alan! Lot of fun.

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