What were the most-read posts of 2011?

Click to compare pre- and post-tsunami imagery of Japan in Google Street View

Here are the ‘top twelve’ articles posted on The Melbourne Urbanist in 2011 i.e. those that got, in order, the most readers:

  1. What were they thinking?
  2. Will redevelopment of Fishermans Bend really be revolutionary?
  3. The distribution of wealth: perception vs reality
  4. Is this building offensive?
  5. Is this a real tram ‘network’?
  6. How many travellers use the trains?
  7. How can trams be made better?
  8. Are these really the most (and least) liveable suburbs in Melbourne?
  9. How liveable are our major cities?
  10. Melbourne ‘fantasy’ rail map
  11. What causes urban riots?
  12. What is the key challenge for cycling policy?

Note that this list refers only to articles posted in 2011 and naturally it favours articles written earlier in the year. The three most-read articles in 2011 were in fact posted in 2010 i.e. Is water priced to encourage conservation?, How big is Melbourne?, and Banging the high rise drum.