Protecting historic buildings costs nothing, right?

Follow the link to read the new post by The Urbanist: Protecting historic buildings costs nothing, right?

2 Comments on “Protecting historic buildings costs nothing, right?”

  1. Richard Peterson says:

    No-one suggests that the calculation social benefit and economic cost be applied to rarity in the natural environment.

    Once the significant physical evidence of our past is gone, however visually unprepossessing that evidence may be be perceived to be by some now, it cannot be replaced, and documentary and photographic evidence is very inadequate.

  2. Alan Davies says:

    Richard, best to post comments at the primary site:

    I agree the Total car park is unique; it might look suspiciously like a specific Japanese building that pre-dated it but yes, there’s only one Total car park in the world. But are you seriously suggesting it should be treated with the same reverence as a unique species or a unique natural landscape?

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