Is the NSW one metre cycling law a good idea?

NSW’s new law requiring motorists to leave a minimum distance when overtaking cyclists is a welcome initiative but it’s only the first step in much-needed change to protect vulnerable road users

Is the NSW one metre cycling law a good idea?

One Comment on “Is the NSW one metre cycling law a good idea?”

  1. Phillip says:

    Alan, in your article you state, “Moreover, if a cyclist fails to give way at an intersection (say) it shouldn’t be acceptable for a driver to assert his right of way if it risks a collision as he might do if the other party were in a car.”

    I am not aware of any Australian Traffic Act that gives ‘right of way’ to any road user. Although person ‘A’ may be required, under the Act, to give way to person ‘B’, if ‘A’ fails to give way, Traffic Acts usually state that ‘B’ must then give way to ‘A’ (in order to avoid an accident or dangerous situation). There is a requirement to give way, but no right of way. Unfortunately, most road users seem to be unaware of, and or fail to recognise, this requirement.

    Given that a persons driving/riding attitude and behaviour is a reflection of their character, personality or attitude to life, the social trends of increasing individualism, egocentricity, immediate gratification and electronic distractions does not bode well for road safety. Authorities have always used the big stick approach to encourage road users to comply with regulations, but never the carrot. However, I believe that many road users would simple take the carrot and continue with their lousy attitude and performance.

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