Is it time for a 40 kmh speed limit in urban areas?

It won’t be easy politically, but living with cars in Australia’s cities means “taming” them, starting with setting a default 40 kmh speed limit

Is it time for a 40 kmh speed limit in urban areas?

3 Comments on “Is it time for a 40 kmh speed limit in urban areas?”

  1. Working on 40 kmh is a waste of time and political capital. Research cleary shows that 30kmh is the optimal speed on roads shared by cars, people on bicycles and pedestrians.

    The debate to regulate travel speeds needs to be more comprehensive, How to separate high-speed irresponsible cyclists and the infirm walkers needs to be addressed,
    There is overwhelming evidence that walking contributes to lowering adverse health rates and degenerative decline in an ageing population.
    Governments need to mandate cycling speeds to time limit trials on public paths used by walkers.
    The designated speed limits for cyclists and cars in walking environments needs to be more effectively signed and enforced.

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