Why do inner suburban residents oppose development?

Existing residents oppose major developments because they feel they’ll be worse off. The benefits to them are vague while the costs are clear and painful

Why do inner suburban residents oppose development?

2 Comments on “Why do inner suburban residents oppose development?”

  1. Horst (Oz) Kayak says:

    TCPA supporters who correspond with me overwhelmingly support some increases in urban, density.However none have so far supported over and insensitive out-of-character development,
    Meaning twenty storey or so collections of apartments sprinkled throughout and abutting single fronted Victorian cottage neighbourhoods,
    The reasoning in the above article is comprehensive, but misses the main point of what local communities already living in a precinct desire. Maybe a new mandated hypothetical six story limit? Such as is now proposed by the Andrews Government along much of the Yarra River edge?
    Another question raised by many is:
    Are there green spaces being added to the urban environment that meet historic guidelines for every 1000 residents being added to the population?
    Amenity standards need to address well established and green infrastructure and landscape.guidelines.to meet health and well being of the people living in an urban area.

  2. fluvox says:

    Apart from the approval of the Architectural and Planning professions many new developments are just plain ugly. Jan Gehls made the interesting observation that despite their avowal of modernism, Denmark’s most modern architects nearly always lived in traditionally designed communities. I suspect the same here in Australia.

    The attitude of the design and planning communities, in many ways, resembles the attitude of the medical profession in the 50’s; simply beyond criticism.

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