Is this suburban motorway a good idea?

The Andrews Government’s decision to build Melbourne’s North East Link lacks transparency and analysis, but the idea of suburban motorways shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand

Is this suburban motorway a good idea?

One Comment on “Is this suburban motorway a good idea?”

  1. Horst (Oz) kayak says:

    With the Andrew’s government making 100 million dollars or so available for the NE Link route choice evaluation a thorough and meaningful output is to be expected.
    Another crossing of the Yarra River in the MSD transport network in the NE corner of the Melbourne metropolis to handle peak traffic is long overdue.
    The immediate question is what reliable travel times can the freight industry, the service industry, PT and car users expect using this new link in normal operation hours?
    Is a maximum of 20 minutes or less for freight movement for 99% of the time acceptable between the North East Link between the Metropolitan Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway/Eastlink?

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