That was The week That was…

Tw3 is a commentary on stories bearing on the delights and discontents of urbanism that were in the news over the week ending 3 September 2017

In this week’s Tw3, The Urbanist comments on:

  • Should the new Melbourne Metro stations be named after locations?
  • It’s about time, not money: the real reason retirees keep their big homes
  • Questions raised about heritage listing of Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino
  • It’s smart to be dense: Melbourne sprawl to cost $110bn
  • Fake news: is smoking really increasing in Australia?
  • Let’s get to the facts on the Powerhouse move
  • Future Brisbane: New technology will ensure city’s dominance
  • Melbourne sky rail: Great wall of ‘cookie-cutter’ fences may cost taxpayers $1.75m
  • It’s time to take back the streets and make them safe for walking.

That was The week That was…

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