Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?

Driving will inevitably continue to have a huge impact on the liveability of Australia’s growing cities – policy-makers must stop ignoring the car and start “taming” it

Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?

One Comment on “Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?”

  1. Horst (Oz) Kayak says:

    The Healthy Liveable Cities Group in the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University report “Creating liveable cities in Australia: Mapping urban policy implementation and evidence-based national liveability indicators” needs to be more widely read by policy makers and planning professionals.
    The report touches on most of the core factors in defining urban liveability.
    The quantification and defining of healthy liveable urban environments requires a far deeper and comprehensive understanding than is currently being expressed in the media.
    Advocacy groups such as the TCPA, DEA have a critical role in raising awareness of what healthy urban environments mean for the various cohorts in our society; particularly the ever increasing ageing cohort.

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