That was The week That was…

Tw3 provides a brief commentary on stories bearing on the delights and discontents of urbanism that were in the news over the week ending 29 October 2017

That was The week That was…

In this week’s Tw3 The Urbanist comments on:

  • Lonely Planet lists Canberra as one of the world’s three hottest destinations
  • Cars continue to rule Melbourne roads, Census shows
  • Labor spends $10 million on spinners to win over public on transport projects
  • What happens to the information you give to bike share companies?
  • Are Trains Better Than Bus Rapid Transit Systems? A Look at the Evidence
  • Ride sharing, better public transport have more to offer than solo car commutes
  • Barak, Kirner and Chloe firm in station naming race, no joy for Dusty or Winterfell
  • Becoming more urban: attitudes to medium-density living are changing in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Growing unpopularity of Australia’s growing population
  • Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review
  • Sirius denied heritage protection, again

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