Should CBD parking be buried?

Melbourne City Council wants to ban above-ground parking in new developments but doesn’t have a clue what the wider implications of such a change might be

Should CBD parking be buried?



The Urbanist Digest, Volume 4, 2017

A digest of all the topics discussed by The Urbanist in the December 2017 quarter, including cars and traffic, public transport, cycling, planning and a helluva lot more

The Urbanist Digest, Volume 4, 2017

What books to read over the holidays?

Like the ABC, The Urbanist is in summer recess but back for special occasions; this time it’s The Urbanist’s annual list of good books – mostly novels – to read over the holidays

What books to read over the holidays?

Is this underpass plan under-developed?

The promise by the Opposition in Victoria to grade-separate 55 congested intersections is likely to be politically appealing, but the case hasn’t been made it’s a sensible policy

Is this underpass plan under-developed?

Weekend reading

Weekend reading

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Should we demand more of heavy vehicle drivers?

It’s time to consider if heavy vehicle driver licensing should require that applicants understand the risks they pose for others and are committed to protecting their welfare

Should we demand more of heavy vehicle drivers?