What’s Turnbull’s Melbourne Airport rail adventure all about?

The funding the Turnbull Government says it will provide to Victoria in next month’s budget for a rail line from the CBD to Melbourne Airport is motivated by politics

What’s Turnbull’s airport rail adventure all about?

The Urbanist Digest, Vol 1, 2017

A digest of all the topics discussed by The Urbanist in the first quarter of 2017, including transport, heritage, planning, infrastructure, design, housing, economics, cycling

The Urbanist Digest, Vol 1, 2017

If it’s not OK to walk it, why is it OK to cycle it?

A simple but shocking image show how infrastructure purportedly provided for the benefit of cyclists, expects them to ride in situations they feel are dangerous

If it’s not OK to walk it, why is it OK to cycle it?

Is a cycling “freeway” the way to go?

The schematic proposal for a veloway the Andrews government says it’s going to build as part of the Western Distributor looks good but there’s room for improvement

Is a cycling “freeway” the way to go?

Is Sydney the new New York?

The Sydney Morning Herald’s comparison of small parts of Sydney with leading world metropolises might grab the attention of readers, but its rubbish

Is Sydney the new New York?

Have the Premiers finally gotten New Urbanism?

A visiting Canadian expert appears to have done what the locals couldn’t: inspired state Premiers to improve the health of city dwellers through better urban planning

Have the Premiers finally gotten New Urbanism?

City vs sprawl: is this a useful comparison?

This comparison by ABC News of living in the city centre versus living in the fringe suburbs is big but unconvincing; it doesn’t compare apples with apples

City vs sprawl: is this a useful comparison?