Question time

My son and I attended the great debate at Melbourne Town Hall on March 4 where the proposition under debate was “that Australia should embrace nuclear power”. After the panellists finished speaking, the moderator invited questions from the floor. That experience made me especially interested in this posting on Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution blog – why do people ask questions at public events? According to Tyler, “the ‘really want to know’ motive is not absent altogether but I really doubt if it is primary”. As a consultant myself, I think there should be a separate “marketing” category, too.

Electricity generation – renewables vs nuclear

In my post on 10 March, We need to be more strategic about how we tackle greenhouse gas, I argued that we should give priority to making electricity carbon-free ahead of other actions like investing heavily in public transport. The post attracted a comment from Matt. For those who didn’t read it, he left an interesting link to beyond zero emissions on the potential for renewables to replace coal in generating electricity. Here’s more detail.

I attended the public debate in Melbourne Town Hall on 4 March where the proposition on the table was “that we should embrace nuclear power”. Here therefore in the interests of balance is a link to Brave New climate, which makes the case for nuclear.