Get a ‘ticket’ for not speeding

This is a humorous but subtly brilliant idea – drivers get rewarded for driving responsibly. Not sure how this specific example would work in practice, but the principle is great and could also be used to reward drivers who buy more fuel-efficient cars, who car pool, etc. There have to be other ideas around for ‘inducements’ in the same vein e.g. incentive to buy Metro tickets. Why hasn’t Australian’s love of gambling been exploited before for ‘a good cause’?

2 Comments on “Get a ‘ticket’ for not speeding”

  1. […] idea of carrots rather than sticks is not new. For example, long-standing readers might recall this proposal to reward drivers who don’t speed with a cash reward. Fines from speeders are paid into a pot and […]

  2. So Allen, it seems the Auditor General also approves of this idea!

    Report suggests lotto ticket for good drivers.

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