Melbourne ‘fantasy rail map’

Map by cwer

As it’s the holidays I thought I’d show this 2009 map I stumbled across at Railpage. This is an example of the growing genre of ‘fantasy maps’, fed no doubt by easy access to GIS. It’s one person’s vision of what Melbourne’s rail system could look like at some point in the future at an unspecified financial and political cost. What distinguishes this one from the flotsam is the way the author has used the same graphic style as the current Metlink map, which you can see here.

It doesn’t have the new line to Avalon Airport the Government has committed itself to, perhaps because no one ever conceived in 2009 that it could ever be a priority. But it does have the now well known new lines to Melbourne Airport, Rowville and Doncaster, the latter extended to Donvale in the east, and via Fitzroy in the west to connect to the Melbourne Metro link from the west at Parkville. The Metro carries on via Swanston St to the Domain and St Kilda and connects to the Sandringham line at Ripponlea and the Dandenong line at Caulfield.

The map shows the Regional Rail Link as well as a branch line to Aurora and extensions of existing lines to Whittlesea, Yarra Glen and Clyde. The Glen Waverley line is extended via Knox to connect to the Belgrave line. The Alamein line is extended to connect with the Glen Waverley line and onto the Dandenong line via Chadstone. The Upfield line connects to the Craigieburn line at Roxburgh Park. All lines appear to be fully electrified and the number of tracks is increased to expand capacity on a number of existing lines.

The curmudgeons at Railpage have picked up on a few oddities (Rushall a Premium Station!?), but what I find amusing is that Doncaster is shown in Zone 2!  I’m not expecting to see that in any of the PR material associated with the Government’s feasiblity study. Also, a traveller can get as far as Airport West on a Zone 1 ticket, but the Airport is Zone 2. And to go from the Airport to Keilor West is a Zone 1-2!

These are mere details in a ‘fantasy map’ but they illustrate some of the anomalies with Melbourne’s zonal fare system that I discussed last week.

5 Comments on “Melbourne ‘fantasy rail map’”

  1. Dave says:

    There’s a niche of rail fans that delight in producing such maps – and if founded in some sort of reality (counter to the idea of fantasy!) and considered thought, it can be useful.

    The map shown doesn’t show the Regional Rail Link, but it does show a couple of the proposed and possible stations. The actual RRL will connect up to the Melton line, west of Deer Park, not to the Werribee line as shown. (see

  2. rohan says:

    Cant wait for a Fitzroy Station, which would take me straight to St Kilda ! (not Eddington’s proposal, but makes sense to me – it takes 30-40 minutes to drive during the day, while 96 tram takes 45 mins)

  3. Sean Deany says:

    My favorite Melbourne “fantasy map” is the 1969 Melbourne Transport Plan – which was of course not fantasy, but the product of skilled transport planners and engineers. In my own transport scenario plans (fantasy at this point in time) I have used it as a base. I do like the above example and while its the first time I’ve seen this one, its creator must have been thinking similar lines to my own. I am working very slowly on developing a schematic for my Melbourne Metro scenario, which soon I expect to post on my blog.

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