Is Warne putting the right spin on cycling?

You can read the first post for 2012, Is Warne putting the right spin on cycling?, at my new home at the giant Crikey media conglomerate. Please bookmark the new site. I’m looking at ways to bring existing e-mail subscribers across (hopefully) with as little pain as possible. All comments should now be made at the new site.

4 Comments on “Is Warne putting the right spin on cycling?”

  1. Alan – I wish you all the best at Crikey but I have thoroughly enjoyed having your blog dedicated to my number one interest in life – cities and our city in particular. You drew on your expertise and wrote in an engaging way, and attracted an audience without having to write ‘for’ an audience. I liked the way the book give aways that were tied to the themes you wrote about. I found your views on various debates affecting Melbourne a good counterpoint to what you read in the papers. Still not sure I want to follow you to Crikey

  2. moonfriend says:

    Lots of comments now on that other site. See what fame does to one.

    Does that mean no more Melbourne articles?

    • Alan Davies says:

      Most of the stuff I write makes general points – the old name put some (non Melbourne) people off. I’ll still be much more likely to use Melbourne as my specific example when drawing attention to some general principle.

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