Should airport trains also serve metro passengers?

One of the key issues that needs to be worked through in planning mass transit access to airports is integration with the existing rail network

Should airport trains also serve metro passengers?

One Comment on “Should airport trains also serve metro passengers?”

  1. Peter Hill says:

    Alan, I’ll repeat my questions of my blog of 20/9 to your article ‘What are the key issues for Melbourne Airport rail?’ where I said: “Another option could be to provide a rail corridor easement that could provide for a Melbourne CBD – Melbourne Airport link in common with the much touted Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney High Speed Rail. That is, one rail line making those linkages. There could be a major infrastructure saving – but, would either transit service justify itself? ”

    Integrating a Melbourne CBD – Melbourne Airport railway with an inter-capital HSR service requires standard gauge track-work. The benefit of linking these two services would be in the largely-common travel needs and choices of the travellers, i.e. long-distance and carrying personal luggage, thus requiring luggage space and comfortable spacious seating.

    Integrating the CBD-Airport railway with either the Melbourne metropolitan system or the Victorian regional city lines requires broad gauge tracks. The contrasting travel needs of airline and metro commuter passengers would be unsolved.

    A possible solution to the incompatibility of these track gauge requirements would be to design the corridor and track-work of the Melbourne CBD-to-Airport railway sector as dual gauge rail lines, with easement, station platforms and bridge clearances to accommodate trains of both gauges. Thus infrastructure cost synergies, as well as increased patronage levels could be achieved.

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