How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

One Comment on “How will driverless vehicles change cities?”

  1. Horst (Oz) Kayak says:

    The Driverless Car (DC) may also be described as an autonomous vehicle; very dependent on the use of the best of intelligent technology. In this comment IT means automated feedback loops that dictate machine choice, to the exclusion of the human brain’s input to the machine choices made at a point in time. Purchase of automatic gear choice verses manual gear selection cars is now the norm.
    There are many more automatic and semi-automated feedback loops in our cars and the transport system. The total urban DC transport system is probably twenty years or so away. However the level of automatic car control available is increasing exponentially.
    My latest acquisition is a 1.4 litre engine vehicle that can park itself kerbside in an empty space between two parked vehicles.
    Yes, a no hands operation. A very helpful aide for a young 75 year old.

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