Google Maps captures flying pliers

Amazing photo of a pair of flying pliers captured by a Google Map’s camera car in the West Midlands, UK. This appears to be a genuine stuff-up rather than a Photoshop exercise. Go here and move around the street. Perhaps some tool (geddit?) sneaked up to the car and put pliers on the lens of one of the cameras. Enjoy it while it’s still ‘in the wild’.

I must admit my first thought was Photoshop! Even if it were, just getting it on to Google’s system would be quite an achievement. But then if you go exploring West Bromwich the pliers turn up in a lot of places. Also, there’s a circular cut off at each end of the pliers that might be something to do with the camera system rather than an artifact of ‘Photoshop’.

5 Comments on “Google Maps captures flying pliers”

  1. Aaron W. says:

    The pliers appear at the intersection of Compton and Whitehall. If you “turn” right onto Compton off of Whitehall and spin the camera around you will see two guys standing on a green electrical box long the brick wall. I’d wager they are the culprits.

  2. Leigh Heydon says:

    Pliers? That’s just what the Government WANTS you to believe! Is it just me, or does the preview picture above scarily resemble some kind of alien spacecraft? :-/

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