Google Maps captures flying pliers

Amazing photo of a pair of flying pliers captured by a Google Map’s camera car in the West Midlands, UK. This appears to be a genuine stuff-up rather than a Photoshop exercise. Go here and move around the street. Perhaps some tool (geddit?) sneaked up to the car and put pliers on the lens of one of the cameras. Enjoy it while it’s still ‘in the wild’. Read the rest of this entry »

Question time

My son and I attended the great debate at Melbourne Town Hall on March 4 where the proposition under debate was “that Australia should embrace nuclear power”. After the panellists finished speaking, the moderator invited questions from the floor. That experience made me especially interested in this posting on Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution blog – why do people ask questions at public events? According to Tyler, “the ‘really want to know’ motive is not absent altogether but I really doubt if it is primary”. As a consultant myself, I think there should be a separate “marketing” category, too.