-Is youth wasted on the young?

No way! If it weren’t for students we wouldn’t have flashmobs. I don’t know why, but they make me well up a bit. Here’s a collection of flashmobs dating from 2006 to last week. There’s even this one at Bondi Beach in 2009.

Ontario, Food Court, Christmas, 2010

Central Station, Antwerp, 2009

Rail station, Prague, 2010

London, Liverpool St Station, 2009

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, last week

Grand Central Station, New York, 2008

University of Florida, 2006

Manchester, supermarket, 2007

Ohio State University, cafe, 2010

2 Comments on “-Is youth wasted on the young?”

  1. Penny Holliday says:

    Have you seen this one Alan?

    St Patricks Day 2011 Flashmob. Central Station, Sydney, Australia.

    great fun and the comments after it are quite poignant

  2. Siobhan says:

    I love this one

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