Cycling in The Netherlands

Fascinating video of dedicated route followed by children cycling to school in The Netherlands. This gives a perspective on cycling that you wouldn’t get from the standard tourist spots. Note the suburban setting – it ties in with my earlier post arguing that the suburbs have greater potential for cycling than the inner city, not least because it would be easier to fit in this sort of infrastructure. (Hat tip to Tom Vanderbilt)

2 Comments on “Cycling in The Netherlands”

  1. I agree with you that high density is not required for a high cycling rate. In fact, within the Netherlands the highest rates of cycling are found in the least densely populated provinces, Drenthe and Groningen. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks back.

    Assen, the city in which the children are cycling to in that video, has a very low population density, just 784 people per square km. The province as a whole has 183 per square km. However, 41% of all journeys in the city are made by bike.

    This has happened simply because it’s the most pleasant and efficient way of getting around the city.

    • Alan Davies says:

      Thanks David. I’m very interested in knowing how comparable the Assen bike share is to data sources for Melbourne. Do you have any info to hand on the methodology used and the assumptions? e.g. Does it cover all purposes? Weekday, weekend or both? Wss it a sample survey? How old is the data? Whatever you know would be helpful if you’ve got the time. Cheers, Alan

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