-Sydney buses from the air

Melbourne data visualisation company, Flink Labs, has produced another excellent transport animation – this time it’s 24 hours in the life of Sydney buses. Flink Labs prepared it as part of the apps4nsw program.

There’s also an associated real time bus map which uses GPS to show the location of Sydney’s many buses. It’s updated every minute.

Unfortunately it might not work with Internet Explorer (hmmm, Flink Labs must have a very interesting business model – maybe it’s intended solely for smartphones?).

Sure are a lot of buses in Sydney!

Readers might recall Flink Lab’s superb animation of Melbourne’s trains which appeared on these pages in July.

See also these animations of transport in Auckland and Lisbon.

One Comment on “-Sydney buses from the air”

  1. Ben Hosken says:

    Thanks for the post Alan. Unfortunately the RTA in Sydney has halted the updates of the GPS positions they were providing up until last week so the “realtime” aspect is more “out of date” now!

    Reason for the non IE support was that we pulled the realtime map together over a day and were using a library which works on “modern” browsers but not IE 8 and below.

    If the RTA were continuing the data we would have updated the map to work on all browsers along with the massive demand for an iPhone/Android specific version.


    Ben Hosken
    Flink Labs

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