Links for urbanists No. 5

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Assorted links to some of the useful, the informative, the interesting, and sometimes even the slightly weird sources I stumble across from time-to-time:

  1. Council against paid parking at shopping centre
  2. The secret to a long and healthy life: bike to the shop
  3. What does it cost to build a subway?
  4. Transportation costs too much
  5. A transit city is a centralised city
  6. National Geographic photo contest 2011
  7. Animals like you’ve never seen them before
  8. The limits of congestion pricing
  9. Public transport patronage trends in Australasian cities – updated
  10. Dawn of the dead mall
  11. Jane Jacobs – an urban legacy in need of renewal
  12. Parking datapoints of the day
  13. US road fatalities – map of every fatality 2001-09
  14. Quirky cycling images
  15. Copenhagen: cycle city
  16. Downtown office development
  17. How to look better with Photoshop – before and after
  18. A list of fallacies
  19. Is High Speed Rail a real alternative?
  20. Urbanised – the movie
  21. What is the limit to population growth?
  22. Can public transport defeat congestion?
  23. Melbourne’s city square
  24. Are the US 99% in the richest 1% in the world?
  25. What a child of two lesbians is like
  26. Vlogging
  27. How good are robots?
  28. Daniel Kahneman answers readers’ questions
  29. WTF!? The earth is a net exporter

One Comment on “Links for urbanists No. 5”

  1. bpbp says:

    I love these round-ups, thanks for them.

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