Links for urbanists No. 1

by xkcd

Assorted links to some of the useful, the informative, the interesting, and sometimes even the slightly weird sources I stumble across from time-to-time. Worth sharing, I think:

  1. The level of GDP is correlated with human penis length. As xkcd often points out, correlations are easy to find.
  2. History of a vacant city lot. Sad and neglected now, but this lot in Philadelphia has had some wonderful buildings in its life. This is brilliant – I wish someone would do one of these for Melbourne (note to the delicate – some colourful words).
  3. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lamb is really high in carbon emissions – much worse than beef. The key problem is not enough of the carcass gets eaten.
  4. Why do women have to queue more at public toilets?
  5. Reimagining the High Street. Strategies for re-invigorating strip shopping centres decimated by the internet and big retail chains.
  6. Hackgate: the movie. Didn’t take Hollywood long to get on the job! Brilliant casting for the Murdoch role.
  7. Urban evolution. Animals in cities are adapting biologically to urban conditions.
  8. Opinions: most of us make it up on the spot. According to economist Robin Hanson “If you talk a lot, you probably end up expressing many opinions on many topics. But much, perhaps most, of that you just make up on the fly. You won’t give the same opinion later if the subject comes up again, and your opinion probably won’t affect your non-talk decisions”. Let me say that blogging is a discipline which makes one very conscious about being consistent because there’s always someone who’ll catch you out!
  9. Manhattanisation of Melbourne. Following on from my piece last week about developers using American place names, an American’s view of our cultural cringe.
  10. Printing with concrete. This technology makes complex shapes out of concrete using a 3D printer.

I’ll try and post more links another time.

Note the competition to win a copy of Triumph of the City closes this weekend, Saturday 30 July at midday. See sidepane for details.

4 Comments on “Links for urbanists No. 1”

  1. goccediacqua says:

    Re Lamb emissions
    Studies from the US are very misleading when applied to Australian food production. I have no idea what the comparative emissions would be here in Australia. But I am pretty sure that Australian lamb and beef are mainly grass fed, which would make information about the environmental impact of feedlot feed production irrelevant.

  2. Moss says:

    That vacant city lot site about Philadelphia is hilarious, the most creative swearing I’ve ever seen.

  3. wilful says:

    very very little australian lamb is feedlottted. Australian beef spends less time in a feeedlot than US beef too. So there’s a lot of very dodgy pseudo-stats going around about the impacts of various production systems. For example, I’ve heard said that it takes 100 000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef. Which is utter tosh.

  4. Johnyboy says:

    The links are great. I do like reading other peoples comments. I spend more time commenting in american websites then in australia though.

    I do feel the large number of people in the usa give a bigger and more in depth scope then anything I have encountered in discussions locally. Its really pleasing to see the variety and depth and the amusment of abuse between comments and far reaching ideas. The american forums and comments are highly charged and emotional.

    I do not see that in australia.

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