BP – bringing oil to American shores

A sadly prophetic advertisement (not) run by BP in the US in nineties.

5 Comments on “BP – bringing oil to American shores”

  1. Michael says:

    It’s a t-shirt design from http://www.despair.com/
    I like their Toyota t-shirt “Once you drive one, you’ll never stop”

  2. TomD says:

    Brilliant and to the point nonetheless. The whole episode is beyond despair. I think every decent person is struggling for words and most likely keeping their news channels switched off by now.

    Maybe even Christian fundamentalists might start concluding that ‘beyond control’ corporate power is already the most likely source of armageddon in terms of the elimination of the human race, not just our own genetic shortcomings in too often being slow to acknowledge and act on fundamental but ‘unseen’ problems and crises.

  3. TomD says:

    … and there is every chance that the slogan may ultimately qualify to read “We’re bringing oil to British shores”!

    The death of ethics will be the death of all of us!

  4. Matt says:

    If someone was going to try to claim that it was from the 90’s… they should have at least used the Logo that BP was using in the 90’s. The sun logo wasn’t around until 2001

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