The VFT and Green’s preferences

This blog has devoted a fair bit of attention to the proposed Very Fast Train between Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne (here, here and here), wondering what warrant there is to replace one form of public transport with another.

More attention in fact than any of the mainstream papers or denizens of the blogosphere have mustered, as far as I can tell.

So readers might be interested in this article by Gary Johns published in The Australian last week. It’s notable because he conjectures that the VFT might be the price the Government has to pay to secure Green preferences in this year’s Federal election.

Don’t think I agree with his analysis of the Greens mind (this is the former Special Minister of State in the Keating Government, isn’t it?) but I think his sources on the economics of the VFT are impeccable. Here nevertheless is a less-than-complimentary take on Johns.

If John’s conjecture proves to be true, will we end up with another one of those questionable “nation-building infrastructure” projects, like the Darwin to Alice Springs rail line? And I hope Kevin and Bob are wise enough to make it conditional on a positive feasibility study done by a credible independent organisation.

3 Comments on “The VFT and Green’s preferences”

  1. TomD says:

    So your blog is devoid of rhetorical flashes? Very sad. ‘Just the facts, Ma’am’.

    (At least according to the Loon Pond … who ironically appears to be highly prone to them.)

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